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AuthorTopic:   Global Village News & Resources Issue # 11 – March 30, 2001
posted May 14, 2001 12:03pm
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Global Village News & Resources Issue # 11 – March 30 2001

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In The News…

Course In Miracles Comes to The United Nations
USA - We have seen alternative medicine gradually make its way into the
mainstream of health care options in the western world. Major book stores
now feature large sections on new consciousness. Even businesses and
corporations are talking about "Spirit." It should come as no surprise
then that the Course In Miracles was recently introduced at a historic
gathering of the world's religious and spiritual leaders which took place
at the United Nations. When asked to sum up the meeting Mr. Bawa Jain
the Summmit's Secretary General said "It's a Course in Miracles."

Teachings from A Course in Miracles were included in the summit events and
a prayer of forgiveness from the Course completed the closing ceremony.
There was a great deal of interest in the Course and its representatives
issued a mission statement on becoming associates in the UN.

Virtually all spiritual traditions were represented at the Peace Summit
and an atmosphere of love hope and forgiveness was generated leading to
the venue being described as "sacred ground.: The four day event included
many meetings forums discussions prayer sessions and meditations with
the purpose of addressing the issue of the desperate and immediate need
for world peace. It was commonly expressed that world peace is a goal of
all spiritual traditions and this commonality of purpose drew the
representatives together. It was agreed that there is a single working
god who loves everyone and that all religions have the same purpose and
that all religions must work to assist one another in our single shared
divine purpose.

Seminars on reconciliation poverty the environment and other related
issues were held providing spiritual leaders with an opportunity to come
together to share ideas and to join forces.

A Course in Miracles was a subject of great interest to many of the
leaders from countries around the world. It has been introduced to prison
programs in both Mexico and the USA and since the summit the Course's
international centre has been flooded with requests from around the globe.

A Course of Miracles aims at a transformation of mind and the development
of love through forgiveness. It's lessons enable the removal of the
conceptual blocks to love's presence and the development of true
perception and awareness of the "quantum moment" where we share the
certainty of our love for each other: the "journey without distance in an
instant reality."

(For accounts of the summit visit
Source: Positive News

US City Issues Its Own Currency
USA - Ithaca NY - Here is how it works: The Ithaca "HOUR" is Ithaca's $10
bill because ten dollars per hour is the average of wage in Tompkins
County NY. These HOUR notes in five denominations buy plumbing
carpentry electrical work roofing nursing chiropractic child care
car and bike repair food eyeglasses firewood gifts and thousands of
other goods and services.

The credit union accepts them for mortgage and loan fees. People pay rent
with HOURS. The best restaurants in town take them as do movie theaters
bowling alleys two large locally-owned grocery stores many garage sales
forty farmer's market vendors the Chamber of Commerce and 250 other
businesses. Hundreds more have earned and spent HOURS who are not on the
Ithaca Money list.

Some claim that they are better than US dollars. As one participant says:
"We printed our own money because we watched Federal dollars come to town
shake a few hands then leave to buy rainforest lumber and fight wars.
Ithaca's HOURS by contrast stay in our region to help us hire each
other. While dollars make us increasingly dependent on multinational
corporations and bankers HOURS reinforce community trading and expand
commerce which is more accountable to our concerns for ecology and social

The local currency program which has been operating successfully since
1991 now has over 1400 participating businesses with a directory
rivaling the Yellow Pages. According to organizers it is bringing into
the marketplace time and skills not employed by the conventional market.
Some even suggest that part of its success is the difference in
perspective. As one participant says: "We encounter each other as fellow
Ithacans rather than as winners and losers scrambling for dollars. We're
making a community while making a living. As we do so we relieve the
social desperation which has led to compulsive shopping and wasted
resources." The published success stories of some 300 participants
certainly testify to the generosity and sense of community which have come
out of the program.

Everyone who agrees to accept HOURS is paid one HOUR ($10.00) or two HOURS
($20.00) for being listed in the newsletter "HOUR Town." Every eight
months they may apply to be paid an additional HOUR as reward for
continuing participation. This is how the system gradually and carefully
increases the per capita supply of money. Once issued anyone may earn and
spend HOURS whether signed up or not and hundreds have done so.

At the same time Ithaca's locally-owned stores which keep more wealth
local make sales and get spending power they otherwise would not have.
And over $5500 of local currency has been donated to 25 community
organizations so far by the Barter Potluck the systems wide-open
governing body. As they discover new ways to provide for each other they
are letting go of their dependence on imports. They believe that this
greater self-reliance rather than isolating Ithaca gives them more
potential to reach outward with ecological export industry.

They are capitalizing new businesses with loans of their own cash. HOUR
loans are made without interest charges. Participants consider the HOURS
as real money backed by real people real time real skills and tools.
Federal dollars they say are funny money backed no longer by gold or
silver but by less than nothing - $5 trillion of national debt!

Following their theme of equity they note that their commemorative HOUR
currency is the first paper money in the U.S. to honor an
African-American. Multi-colored HOURS some printed on locally-made
watermarked cattail (marsh reed) paper all with serial numbers are
harder to counterfeit than dollars.

Participants enthusiastically point out that the use of local currency is
a lot of fun it's legal and HOURS are taxable income when traded for
professional goods or services.

They also note that a local currency system is lots of work and
responsibility. To give other communities a boost they have been
providing a Hometown Money Starter Kit. The kit explains step-by-step
start-up and maintenance of an HOURS system and includes forms laws
articles procedures insights samples of Ithaca's HOURS and issues of
Ithaca Money. So far they have sent the kit to over 600 communities in 47
states. Kits are available for $25 dollars (2.5 HOURS option in NY or $35
from abroad.) from Ithaca Money Box 6578 Ithaca NY 14851 USA. A
17-minute video is also available for $17 or $15 if bought with the kit.
($40 for Kit and video). Also see the website

(Source: An article by Paul Glover at Global Ideas Bank:

US Election Activates The Activisits
USA - On January 20th advocates of democracy around the world were
scratching their heads while they watched in disbelief as the candidate
with the fewest votes was installed as the new American President.
However strange and illegitimate it may have seemed to most it only
served as a wakeup call to social activists and the visionaries who are
committed to a positive viable future rather than a rerun of the
disfunctional past.

With the advent of the internet and instant communication the "playing
field" of politics and social change is gradually being leveled.
Grassroots organizations such as ‘Act For Change’ ‘Give For Change’ and
‘Working Assets’ are mobilizing to make a big difference in America. It's
just a matter of time.

‘Act For Change’ makes it easy for people to become online activists and
speak out on behalf of progressive issues. By combining progressive news
with opportunities for citizen action ‘Act For Chang’ has become a
powerful and far-reaching catalyst for social innovation. Not only does
the online organization give visitors news and updates on important
issues but also a direct link to the decision-makers who can make a
difference on these issues. The AFC website makes it easy for visitors to
contact their federal elected officials find legislative committee
information key staff and more.

And for those who are ready to financially support social change the
website links with ‘Give For Change’ a URL which lets visitors make
online donations to hundreds of progressive nonprofit groups in one
convenient location. Access is provided to more than 300 groups working
in 11 categories.

Both sites are working in cooperation with Working Assets a long
distance credit card Internet services and broadcasting company that was
created in 1985 to build a world that is more just humane and
environmentally sustainable. Since its creation the company has been
helping people make a difference in the world through progressive
philanthropy and political activism and by donating a portion of its
revenue to nonprofit groups working for peace human rights equality
education and the environment. The company also serves as a strong
political force dedicated to giving its customers the opportunity to
speak out on critical public issues.

Since 1985 Working Assets Funding Service has donated more than $20
million to progressive nonprofits including Greenpeace Oxfam America
Rainforest Action Network Gay and Lesbian Task Force Ms. Foundation
Children's Defense Fund AIDS Action Council and Amnesty International
among many others. In 1999 alone Working Assets Funding Service generated
nearly $4 million for 60 nonprofit groups. The organizations fall into
five categories: Economic & Social Justice Environment Civil Rights
Peace & International Freedom and Education & Freedom of Expression.

Customers can nominate nonprofit groups to receive funding each year.
After an independent foundation evaluates the effectiveness of the
hundreds of nominees Working Assets Funding Service employees and board
of directors select 60 groups for the annual donations ballot. At the end
of the year customers vote on how to distribute the donations among the
60 groups.

In 1991 Working Assets Funding Service created the Citizen Action program
to provide customers with timely information and easy ways to speak out on
important issues. Each month the company highlights two crucial national
issues under debate explaining what's at stake and whom to contact.
Working Assets Long Distance customers can call the targeted
decision-maker free of charge every day of the week or have a low-cost
well-argued advocacy letter sent on their behalf. Online customers can
send an instant e-mail with personal comments to targeted corporate

Working Assets is one of the most powerful progressive citizen-action
groups in the USA today. Each month approximately 40000 Working Assets
customers make their voices heard for each national action. In 1998 alone
Working Assets customers generated nearly one million calls and letters to
Congress the White House and business leaders on issues of critical
public concern. Some of the Citizen Action victories in 1998 include:
protecting the organic food label; winning compensation from Daimler
Chrysler for WWII slave laborers; and securing increased government
funding for family planning and civil rights enforcement.

Created in 1995 Working Assets' Flash Activist Network (FAN) is a rapid
response program designed to give customers a chance to speak out on
fast-moving issues before all is said and done. Throughout the year FAN
monitors critical events as they unfold and notifies members by phone fax
or e-mail when it's time for action. Members can call a toll-free number
for details on the issues at hand then be transferred directly to the
targeted decision-maker or send a personalized fax. For a low monthly
fee FAN members can influence public policy before it's too late.

Working Assets is a telephone long distance company which offers
everything that one expects from a phone company: crystal-clear sound
top-quality service and competitive rates plus they connect their

How do they do all of this? By simply allowing customers to donate1% of
their long distance charges to positive social change.

In seeking a positive spin on the results of the US election one activist
suggested that perhaps the outcome was like pulling back on a sling shot
in order to get enough momentum to shoot forward. If this is the case
then the results of the recent US presidential election have certainly
activated the activists and there may be dramatic changes in store for

You can learn more my clicking here: ActForChange or going to


May 18-20 2001 - Speaking With The Earth
Wisdom Teachings Of the Original People
with Kathleen Oweegon Santa Fe NM
Mountain Light Sanctuary -Asheville NC USA
Click here: <A HREF="">Mountain
Light Sanctuary </A>
Or go to


Global Resources
Websites devoted to Positive Planetary Transformation

The Farm
Click Here: The Farm
Located in south central Tennessee (USA) and founded in 1971 with a
spiritual commitment to simple living and self reliance The Farm has
pioneered a wide range of social and physical technologies appropriate to
low-cost high satisfaction community living. The community of 200 was an
early pioneer in solar building design permaculture micro-enterprise
mushroom cultivation large scale composting and gardening and
regenerative hardwood forest management.

Aids Treatment News Letter
Click Here: AIDS Treatment News
Everything you ever wanted to know about AIDS including Clinical Trials
HIV Drug Guidelines AIDS Treatment Publications AIDS Databases Medical
Journals On-line Alternative Therapies and Buyers' Clubs Conferences:
calendar of upcoming events reports and summaries Access to Care and
Insurance AIDS Legal Information and Resources including Prison Issues
Resources for Women and Families HIV and Aging International and
Multilingual Resources Clinical Provider and Medical Education Resources
AIDS organization directories special communication needs pharmaceutical
links AIDS statistics training materials plus much much more.

Human Relations
Human Rights Portal
Click Here: Welcome to
Use this website to search the Internet for everything related to human
rights. You can browse the major search engines to locate studies
advisories and organizations which monitor human rights violations. Find
books on human rights issues around the world today. Locate hard to find
items on eBay. Scan the newsgroups for topical discussions and to learn
how others are working on making this a better planet!

Light Centers
World Light Center
Click Here: World Light Center
Over 300 articles plus a directory with over 3000 i in the following
categories : International Light Workers Directory Alternative Healers
Directory Priests in the Order of Melchizedek
Publication Resource Guide A Course In Miracles Study Groups
Light Worker Politicians Community Service Groups and Organizations
Light Worker Professionals and Businesses Spiritual & Healing Bookshops &
Outlets centers classes colleges & schools media meditation groups

Friendly Favors
Click Here: Friendly Favors
Friendly Favors (FF) is a Web based community of 7312 Members living in
188 Countries. It is a diverse group of good people committed to building
a sustainable world that works for all.
Their purpose is to support each other's projects by sharing know-how
connections and resources; by reporting generous acts and encouraging


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